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Nordic PGDay 2018 will be held at the Radisson Blu Hotel Nydalen in Oslo, Norway.

Radisson Blu Hotel Nydalen lobby

Visitors from out of town can of course stay at the hotel to minimize travel times. We do not have a special rate this year, so just make your reservation on the regular hotel website.

Travel information

Getting to and from the airport

For those liking the highway, there is a coach service "Flybussen" from Oslo airport - Route FB3 stops at "Nydalen" - which is close to the venue. The buses are marked with signs at the airport, and are parked right outside the terminal. Get off the FB3 at Nydalen. Walking to the venue should take about 10 minutes, and is marked here at Google Maps. The price for a one-way ticket is is NOK 230, and the ticket can be purchased when boarding the bus. Tickets can also be pre-purchased online with a discount.

This should be the fastest route from the airport to the venue, unless you arrive in the middle of rush hour traffic.

If you prefer other means of transportation, the fastest alternative is the airport express train to Oslo Central station. The airport express train can be found if you take a right turn after the customs exit, and walk straight until you see the signs - they should be easy to spot. All airport express trains stop at Oslo Central Station (every other train stops at Lillestrøm station first, don't get off there).

Tickets can be purchased in machines near the platform entrances, or you can swipe a creditcard directly in the boarding gates (receipt can be retreived online later). The cost for a one-way ticket is NOK 190. More information can be found at the flytoget website.

You can also catch any local train heading towards Oslo at a lower fare. Search for departures from "Oslo Lufthavn" to "Oslo S" at the NSB website. You get off the train at the same station - Oslo S. This of course, is also the case if you arrive by train in the first place.

Getting to the venue

From the Oslo S station, the easiest way to the venue is by subway. You need to stroll down to the "T-bane", or subway. This should be a short 1-2 minute walk inside the central station - and is well marked. Take a right turn when you emerge from the platform, and down the escalators all the way. The stop is called "Jernbanetorget T".

If you plan on doing three or more rides, a 24 hour ticket is the way to go. Otherwise, single tickets are cheaper. You need a ticket for one zone. They can both be bought from machines near the entrance to the subway, or using the RuterBillett smartphone app. Both methods accept international credit and debit cards.

You want to go to "Nydalen" station - and from Jernbanetorget you can travel both directions - either westbound line 4 "Vestli" or 5 "Ringen" - or eastbound line 5 "Ringen" - do not get on eastbound line 5 "Vestli". Travel time is only 2 minutes different, so usually the first train you can catch is the fastest.

When you arrive at Nydalen T, take the escalators to get out - the other end of the platform will give you a longer walk. When you arrive at the top, turn right and exit through the right doors - and you should see the hotel.

Radisson Blu Hotel Nydalen

There is also travel information on the Hotel website.